Integration of flexible nodes in modern electrical networks
ref. RTI2018-100921-B-C21
National public
Initial date: 2019-01-01
Final date: 2021-12-31


The FLEXIGRID project proposes an integrated approach to operate modern power systems, which aims at facilitating the proactive utilization of the distribution system resources by the TSO in coordination with the DSO.
The FLEXIGRID approach for achieving this ambitious goal is based on three key ingredients: (i) analyze and design a new concept of Digital Operational Platform (DOP), which enables the TSO for effectively manage the distributed resources by using high-level operational applications based on computational intelligence; (ii) analyze and design novel Intelligent Flexible Node (IFN) concept, which provides controllability to distribution networks by integrating power processing and energy storage capacities; and (iii) the proposal of a novel hierarchical organization of distribution systems, which exploits their self-similar structure. The FLEXIGRID will enable the TSO to operate future heterogeneous power systems (with ambitious sustainability targets) in an efficient and safe manner, with acceptable infrastructure upgrades, interacting with other stakeholders (DSO, aggregators, energy communities, ), and without any deterioration of the quality of the electric power service which consumers currently enjoy.
This project is divided into two subprojects, FLEXIPOWER, leaded by the UPC and INTELGRID, leaded by the University of Loyola Andalucía.


Local members

Salim Bouchakour

PhD. Junior Researcher

Alvaro Luna

PhD. Senior Researcher.

Mahdi Shahparasti

PhD. Junior Researcher


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Universidad de Loyola Andalucía