Intelligent Distributed Management and Control of Power Systems for Isolated Communities based on Interconnectable Microgrids Energy Analytics
ref. MULTIMICRO - MIT - Spain "la Caixa" Foundation Seed Fund
National public
Initial date: 2019-01-01
Final date: 2020-12-31


Many people living in vulnerable isolated communities across the world do not have access to electricityand they are disproportionately dependent on the availability of oil for their well-being. Continuous costreduction of photovoltaic solar and energy storage technologies –paired with a growing social awarenessand with the necessary institutional support– suggests that such communities could access to electricityby deploying electrical microgrids.A microgrid is an integrated energy system with local loads, generating assets and possibly energystorage devices, such as batteries, which can operate as both an islanded system, generating locally thatenergy consumed by the loads, or grid-connected, exchanging energy with a main grid.The microgrids considered to electrify isolated areas will be born as stand-alone systems, but it isexpected that they will interconnect with each other to generate electrical clusters, where a group ofmicrogrids will operate in a collaborative manner to increase robustness and reliability in the resultingsystem. Eventually, it is expected that such an electrical cluster, which benefits from energy analytics,will be connected to a power distribution system in order to consolidate the electrification of suchisolated area.Technical feasibility of microgrids has been demonstrated in several projects for decades. However, it hasnot been properly studied yet a smart distributed power system resulting from an organic growing ofexpandable and interconnectable microgrids. Designing an intelligent distributed control andmanagement system to make such a microgrid-based distributed power system a reality is the main goalof this project.


Local members

Alvaro Luna

PhD. Senior Researcher.

Andrés Tarrasó

Technical Engineer


Partnership centers

Universidad Loyola Andalucía, MIT Energy Initiative, Universidad Pontifícia de Comillas