Smart Power Filter for Wind Systems
ref. TRA2009-0103
National public
Initial date: 2010-03-01
Final date: 2012-02-29


The SMARTFILT project takes advantage from the knowledge and experience gained in earlier research activities to develop a new solution for harmonics filtering at medium voltage-level for wind parks. The power filters studied and developed in the SMARTFILT project will improve the power quality in the wind park, will attenuate resonances and other transient perturbations, and will control the reactive power injected in the distribution lines to regulate the line voltage and to improve the stability of the wind park.

The SMARTFILT project will conduct fundamental research on the problem of current harmonics in wind power systems and will analyze the improvements obtained by using hybrid filtering technology at the medium voltage level. From the studies conducted in this project, a competitive medium-power scale prototype will be developed to evaluate the performance of the proposed solution. This competitive prototype should be a previous step to a final product to be commercialized by TORYTRANS company.


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Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) - BarcelonaTech; Minsterio de Ciencia e Innovación (MICINN)