A New Current Control for the STATCOM Based on Secondary Order Generalized Integrators
Location: Greece
Publication date: 2008-06-15
Published in: IEEE Power Electronics Specialists Conference 2008, Rhodes (Greece) - PESC 2008
ref. DOI: 10.1109/PESC.2008.4592127

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Ortiz, A. , Aredes, M. , Rolim, L.G.B. , Bueno, E.



This paper presents a new current control for the STATCOM equipment (static synchronous compensator) based on secondary order generalized integrator (SOGI). This algorithm will become the STATCOM current control a very robust, fast and simple control strategy. Thesecontrol characteristics are desirable, considering the new grid connection codes for renewable energy applications. The proposed control strategy is done at stationary reference frame, thus both the Clarke transformation and the instantaneous power theory are utilized. The SOGI algorithm is implemented in the main control and the PWM loop control, which have the objective of supplying the current references and supplying the states of the converter switches to apply the current that fulfil the requirement controls, respectively. In this work is presented the application of this algorithm in both control stages of the STATCOM. In order to verify its performance, computational simulations and experimental results will be shown.


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