A Propagative Model for Simulations of Electric Fields Produced by Downward Leaders
Location: Italy
Publication date: 2010-09-13
Published in: International Conference on Lightning Protection 2010, Cagliari (Italy) - ICLP 2010
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Juan Ramon Hermoso

PhD. Senior Researcher. Administrative Manager.

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Montañá Puig, J. , March Nomen, V. , Romero Durán, D. , Solà de Las Fuentes, G. , Van der Velde, O.



This paper presents simulations of a downward negative leaders performed by means of 3D finite element method (FEM). The leaders are considered do progress vertically leaders in which different charge distributions and leader speeds can be adjusted. The output of the model is the electric field at ground level for different leader heights and time. By comparison with experimental measurements of natural cloud-to-ground stepped leaders we find consistent results by adjusting the speed of the leader.