A simple approach for fast controller prototyping for a three phase interleaved DC-DC converter
Location: Hangzhou, China
Publication date: 2012-05-28
Published in: IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics 2012, Hangzhou (China) - ISIE 2012
ref. DOI: 10.1109/ISIE.2012.6237403

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Khairul Nisak

Junior Researcher

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Beltran San Segundo, H.



Initial control prototyping in power electronics is often a matter of trial and error because of the complicated mathematics involved in modeling systems based on their internal structure. Moreover, in practice, small changes as the introduction of a measurement filter or the change of the sensing system appear all the time. If the controller design method was based on the internal structure of the system, then these small changes would mean a re-iteration through all the cumbersome equations. This paper presents a simple methodology for fast control prototyping based on the approximation of the Bode plots. As prerequisites, a power electronics simulation software as PSIM is needed. The method is presented by taking as a study case the design of a current control loop of a 30kW three phase interleaved DC-DC converter. Simulations are presented for the different considered controllers, and finally the method is validated by experimental results.


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