Decentralized Primary Control of MTDC Networks With Energy Storage and Distributed Generation
Location: USA
Publication date: 2014-04-04
Published in: IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, April 2014
ref. DOI: 10.1109/TIA.2014.2315715


Multiterminal dc networks are drawing a lot of interest lately in applications related to distributed generation, particularly in those that also integrate energy storage (ES). A few approaches for controlling the operation of such systems have been proposed in the literature; however, the existing structures can be significantly enhanced. This paper proposes an improved primary control layer, based on custom droop characteristics obtained by combining concepts of droop and dc-bus signaling control. This approach is designed to be generic and takes into account the various operating states of the network. Five operating bands, similar to the operating states of the ac grids, as well as various droop characteristics for different elements connected to the dc network, are defined. For the ES, the state of charge is taken into account at the primary control level and included in the droop characteristic, creating a two-variable droop surface. The proposed control strategy is validated through simulation and experimental results obtained from a case study that involves a micro dc network composed of a photovoltaic generator, a lead-acid battery, and a connection point to the ac grid.


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