Enhancement of Carrier-Based Modulation Strategies for Multilevel Converters
Location: Brazil
Publication date: 2005-06-18
Published in: IEEE Power Electronics Specialists Conference 2005, Recife (Brazil) - PESC 2005
ref. DOI: 10.1109/PESC.2005.1581989

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Pou, J. , Zaragoza, J. , Sala, V. , Jaen, C. , Boroyevich, D.



Carrier-based modulation strategies can be improved by inclusion of zero sequences in themodulation signals. In this paper, the modulation signals of a three-level neutral-point-clampedconverter are modified to achieve maximum benefit of the DC-link voltage, and to help achieve voltage balance between the DC-link capacitors. The proposed strategy is obtained from the analysis of space-vector modulation patterns. Therefore, compared to standard sinusoidal PWM, 15% larger amplitudes of the output voltage fundamentals, better voltage-balancing performance, and lower switching frequencies in the devices can all be achieved. Furthermore, implementation of this modulation technique in a digital-signal processor is much easier than space-vector modulation, and also lowers processing time requirements. Efficiency of themodulation algorithm is verified by simulation and experiment


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