Mode Adaptive Droop Control with Virtual output Impedances for an Inverter-based Flexible AC Microgrid.
Location: USA
Publication date: 2011-03-03
Published in: IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, November 2010
ref. DOI: 10.1109/TPEL.2010.2091685

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Kim, J., Guerrero, J., Teodorescu, R., Nam, K



A decentralized power control method in a single-phase flexible ac microgrid is proposed in this paper. Droop control is widely considered to be a good choice for managing the power flows between microgrid converters in a decentralized manner. In this work, to enhance the power loop dynamics, droop control combined with a derivative controller is used in islanded mode. In grid-connected mode, to strictly control the power factor in the point of common coupling (PCC), a droop method combined with an integral controller is adopted. Small-signal analysis of the proposed control is shown both in islanded and grid-connected mode. The proposed controlscheme does not need any mode switching action. Thus, it is relatively simple in control for fullmode of operation. Smooth transitions between the operation modes and the effectiveness of the proposed control scheme are evaluated through simulation and experimental results.