Multi-resonant Frequency-locked Loop for Grid Synchronization of Power Converters under Distorted Grid Conditions
Location: USA
Publication date: 2010-04-12
Published in: IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, April 2010
ref. DOI: 10.1109/TIE.2010.2042420

Local members

Alvaro Luna

PhD. Senior Researcher.

Jose Ignacio Candela

PhD. Senior Researcher. Project Responsible

Ramon Mujal

PhD. Senior Researcher

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Teodorescu, R., Blaabjerg, F.



This paper presents a new multiresonant frequency-adaptive synchronization method for grid-connected power converters that allows estimating not only the positive- and negative-sequence components of the power signal at the fundamental frequency but also other sequence components at other harmonic frequencies. The proposed system is called MSOGI-FLL since it is based on both a harmonic decoupling network consisting of multiple second-order generalized integrators (MSOGIs) and a frequency-locked loop (FLL), which makes the system frequencyadaptive. In this paper, the MSOGI-FLL is analyzed for single- and three-phase applications, deducing some key expressions regarding its stability and tuning. Moreover, the performance of the MSOGI-FLL is evaluated by both simulations and experiments to show its capability for detecting different harmonic components in a highly polluted grid scenario.

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