Photovoltaic Inverters with Fault Ride-through Capability
Location: South Korea
Publication date: 2009-07-05
Published in: IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics 2009, Seoul (South Korea) - ISIE 2009
ref. DOI: 10.1109/ISIE.2009.5213298

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Alvaro Luna

PhD. Senior Researcher.

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Azevedo, G.M.S. , Vazquez, G. , Aguilar, D. , Rolan, A.



This paper presents a new control strategy that allow the photovoltaic system operate under gridfaults without overpass the rated current and assuring sinusoidal currents. In the classic control strategies used in photovoltaic systems the power delivered to the grid remains constant when afault occurs, hence the current can reach dangerous values. Therefore the converter has a protection system to disconnect it avoiding its damage. Thus it must be connected manually when the electrical grid is re-established. The strategy presented here overcomes these drawbacks. It is compared with the classic strategy through simulations in PSCAD and the experimental results prove its effectiveness.


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