Proposal of a Resonant Controller for a Three Phase Four Wire Grid-connected Shunt Hybrid Filter
Location: USA
Publication date: 2009-09-19
Published in: IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition 2009, San Jose (USA) - ECCE 2009
ref. DOI: 10.1109/ECCE.2009.5316131

Local members

Alvaro Luna

PhD. Senior Researcher.

Jose Ignacio Candela

PhD. Senior Researcher. Project Responsible

External members

Teodorescu, R. , Blaabjerg, F.



This paper present a three-phase four wire hybrid filter able to perform a selective cancellation of harmonic currents based on resonant controllers. As it will be shown in this work, this kind of control permits to enhance the bandwidth of the filter controller, without hindering the stability of the system. In addition a new hybrid filter topology, that permits to cancel out the homopolar harmonics, is presented in this paper. The good performance of this new topology as well as the proposed controller will be evaluated by means of simulations and experimental results.