Synchronous double reference frame PLL applied to a unified power quality conditioner
Location: Brazil
Publication date: 2002-10-09
Published in: Conference on Harmonics and Quality of Power 2002, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) -
ref. DOI: 10.1109/ICHQP.2002.1221506

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Sainz, L. , Bergas, J.



This paper presents a positive sequence voltage detector based on a new "synchronous doublereference frame PLL" (SDRF-PLL). This PLL exhibits a fast, precise and robust behavior under unbalanced utility conditions. When amplitude and phase of the positive sequence source voltage are known, various compensation strategies are feasible for the control of the unifiedpower quality conditioner. Four suitable control strategies are shown. The performance of the proposed SDRF-PLL is verified by means of its application in the control of a unified powerquality conditioner. In this paper, an analytical study and a verification by simulation are conducted.


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