The ideal sliding dynamics of a stand alone synchronous generator
Location: Italy
Publication date: 2011-09-20
Published in: European Nonlinear Dynamics Conference 2011, Rome (Italy) - ENOC 2011
ref. DOI: 10.1109/TIE.2011.2116754

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Doria-Cerezo, A., Fossas, E.



This paper deals with the analysis of the closed loop dynamics of a sliding mode controlled stand-alone wound rotor synchronous generator (WRSG) feeding a resistive load [1]. As reported in [2], sliding mode control is an appropriate technique to control electrical machines because the actuators are power converters which supply the electrical machine with discontinuous voltages. Based on this, a discontinuous control algorithm was presented in [1]. Furthermore, that control law offered some advantages: it is an output feedback algorithm, easy to implement and cheap in terms of computational time. The designed controller yields a closed loop dynamics that leaves invariant a subset of a cylinder on which there are two locally asymptotically stable equilibrium points. However, the full dynamics is complex and this complexity increases when some constrains of the actual WRSG are considered. The paper is organized as follows: next Section summarizes the system description and the control design procedure obtained in [1]. Local stability is proved and the basin of attraction is determined. A more real scenario, considering bounds in the value of the voltages applied to the WRSG is analyzed, and experimental results are presented. Finally, the conclusions are drawn.


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