Virtual Synchronous Power Strategy for Multiple HVDC Interconnections of Multi-Area AGC Power Systems
Location: Greece
Publication date: 2016-07-20
Published in: IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, July 2016
ref. DOI: 10.1109/TPWRS.2016.2592971

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Antoni Mir Cantarellas , Jorge Martinez Garcia



Automatic Generation Control (AGC) in multi-area interconnected power systems is experiencing several adaptions due to increasing level of power converter based components in the system. The concept of Virtual Synchronous Power (VSP) to simulate the dynamic effects of virtual inertia emulations by HVDC links for higher level control applications is introduced and reflected in the multi-area AGC model. By using this proposed combination in AGC model, the dynamic performance of the studied system shows a significant improvement. The proposed formulation is generalized for Multi-areas with multiple HVDC links. The active power loop control in VSP based HVDC link has a second-order characteristic which makes a simultaneous enabling of damping and inertia emulations into the system. Trajectory sensitivities are also used to analyze the effects of VSP’s parameters on the system stability. The effectiveness of the proposed concept on dynamic improvements is tested through Matlab simulation of a four-area system.