Aalborg University Denmark

Aalborg University focuses on strong national and international world class research groups representing the academic areas of the university. In addition, Aalborg University secures a high quality level within research and within the research based programmes by, for instance, providing special support the most promising researcher talents.

Abengoa Solar NT

Abengoa Solar´s strategic pillars is the development of new technologies that can be applied to the company´s  business sector, maintaining an industry-leading position through the development of proprietary technology and a strategy of ongoing R&D investment. This R&D effort enables Abengoa Solar to achieve competitive advantages in an industry characterized by extremely rapid technological evolution by increasing the potential for offering competitive technologies in the future, and making it possible to offer a catalog of solutions that can be adapted to each project or market.

Ahorro y eficiencia energética

Our mission is to provide our customers with expert advisory services, comprehensive solutions and innovative approaches within the field of energy saving and energy efficiency. Our team of professionals capable of capturing the needs of our customers and offer the best solution in each case to achieve maximum savings and maximum possible level of energy efficiency in your facility.

Ajuntament de Terrassa

Terrassa is considered the second city university of Catalonia. Its urban campus with the presence of 5 universities for a total of 9 high schools and a university hospital that offers over 90 degree grade officers - some of them unique in the Catalan university system, master and doctoral degrees in various fields of knowledge (engineering, health, business, commerce, multimedia and photography, cinema ...) as well as an extensive range of training. At the same time, it is also the home of the research centers of national and international renown.


ANORTEC has its origins in a machining workshop, becoming in 1994 an engineering capable of facing the most complex projects. Today is a mechanical engineering that offers technical solutions to various problems raised by customers, in most cases this solution is delivered as a product or prototype.

ANORTEC: a productive mechanical engineering, reaches the construction of the prototype and if necessary it's industrialization or industrial scale of this prototype.


Applus+ is a leading testing, inspection, certification and technological services company. They are among the worldwide leaders in the fields of vehicle inspection and non-destructive testing, and they are among the first in Europe in the inspection, technical assistance and laboratories business sectors.


Design and manufacture of equipment to improve energy efficiency:  Equipment of measurement and control of electric power and supply quality, industrial electric protection, reactive compensation and harmonic filtering,smart charging of electric vehicles and renewable energy.


Cirprotec does nowadays supply complete Lightning and Surge Protection solutions. Their offer goes for the industry, tertiary (advanced services) and residential sector. As a part of a strong company group of peer technological companies, CPT takes advantatge of the multiple R+F, manufacturing and LAB resources available across and throughout this electrotechnical holding.


Coppe has a staff and a research infrastructure that are permanently ready to meet the needs of Brazil’s economical, technological and social development. As Coppe is always looking to the future, the institution has served as a nation and worldwide model in engineering teaching and research and has helped Brazil face one of its most important challenges in its recent history.


Danfoss is one of the largest industrial companies in Denmark. The group is a leader within research, development, production, sales and service of mechanical and electronic components for several sectors of the industry. 

Danfoss seeks to obtain its goals with a minimal consumption of raw materials and energy, the least possible impact on its surroundings and the most efficient use of resources.