SEER, the research center on Renewable Electrical Energy Systems at the Technical University of Catalonia - BarcelonaTech, develops leading edge research projects at the international excellence level with the aim of making ...


In cooperation with both international companies and institutions SEER conducts multi-disciplinary research activities focused on:

  • Power generation based on renewable energies, mainly wind and solar
  • Grid integration of distributed generation systems
  • Exploitation of energy storage systems in electrical networks
  • Active, flexible and intelligent electrical networks
  • Power quality and energy efficiency improvement
  • Advanced control of electrical systems

To know more about us, please goggle by our SEER site or contact us at


The UPC has presented the new Business Board that intends to be a bridge between the businees and the academic, innovation and research activities developed at the UPC. Alvaro Luna, member of the Electrical Department of the UPC and SEER is one of its members.

SEER and CDER are opening lines of collaboration in the field of renewable energy integration. In the framework of this collaboration they visited the UfM to present the project they have started.