Advanced Features in Power Electronics Converters for a Best Integration of Photovoltaic (PV) Systems to Electric Grid
Location: Spain
Publication date: 2007-06-07
Published in: IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics 2007, Vigo (Spain) - ISIE 2007
ref. Ref. VF-028959

Local members

Alvaro Luna

PhD. Senior Researcher.

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Vazquez, G.



This paper presents a synthesis about advanced features in power electronics converters to improve photovoltaic (PV) energy integration in current electricity networks. Renewable energy plays everyday a more relevant role in developed countries all around the world. Global warming and climatic changing are actually two crucial issues to be attended by politicians and scientists. An alternative to avoid using of fossil fuels is solar energy. Maybe this is the alternative most suitable due its particular features namely, easy mounting, architectural compatibility, suitable for either intentional islanding or utility connected operation mode, etc. The main issue in this work deals with both finding a new power processing topology for the dc-link in three-phase PV power converters and analyzing the islanding operation mode. Additionally, the need of new features for operation improving of PV systems results in studying new control techniques for the grid connected PV converters