Start-Up of Virtual Synchronous Machine: Methods and Experimental Comparison
Location: Beijing, China
Publication date: 2018-10-20
Published in: The 2nd IEEE Conference on Energy Internet and Energy System Integration 2018, Beijing (China) - EI2 2018
ref. DOI: 10.1109/EI2.2018.8582354

Local members

Alvaro Luna

PhD. Senior Researcher.

Weiyi Zhang

Junior Researcher



A modern grid is smarter mainly in the advance in information and communication technologies, while the power processing mechanism does not make a big difference. To make a modern grid smarter, the grid control should be improved to process the power in a smarter way. Therefore, it is easily foreseen that virtual synchronous machines, which emulates the synchronous machines based on power converters, may have big potentials in a future energy internet. This paper uses the Synchronous Power Controller with emulated and improved synchronous machine characteristics for renewable generation systems and proposes two start-up strategies. The proposed strategies are explained in detail, verified and compared by experimental results.