Impedance Source Interlinking Converter for Microbial Electrosynthesis Energy Storage Applications
Location: Paris, France
Publication date: 2018-10-14
Published in: The 7th International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications 2018, Paris (France) - ICRERA 2018
ref. DOI: 10.1109/ICRERA.2018.8566712

Local members

Alvaro Luna

PhD. Senior Researcher.

Joan Rocabert

PhD. Senior Researcher

Mahdi Shahparasti

PhD. Junior Researcher



In this paper, a new type of single-stage interlinking converters for Microbial Electrosynthesis (MES) energy storage applications connected to the three-phase grid is presented, in which impedance source network (ZSN) is employed to reduce cost and volume, and meanwhile improve the efficiency. Impedance source converter (ISC) with buck-boost characteristic is able to feed MES with a wide range of voltages in DC side, also, converter grid distortion in AC side is reduced because there is no need to dead time for switching. Different ZSNs are studied and discussed for MES energy application. The applicable ones are selected and a comprehensive comparison is presented. Also, the proposed efficient control for ISC consists of two parts, first ZSN capacitor control plus reactive power control are done by controlling modulation index, and second the objective of tracking active power reference can be achieved by means of controlling shoot-through duty cycle. Simulation results are presented to certify the comparison between ZSNs and to verify the merit of the proposed control scheme.