Smart Power Processing In PV Generation
ref. ENE2008-06841-C02-00/ALT
National public
Initial date: 2009-01-01
Final date: 2011-12-31


Optimization of the processes for generating, distributing and consuming electrical power resulting from renewable energy sources requires novel concepts for designing electrical networks in which all the agents processing electrical energy should use new systems and offer new performance to guarantee the highest level of efficiency, power quality and security of service in the resulting distributed power system. These electric networks of the future, internationally known as "Smart Networks", will be constituted by multiple distributed generators, with widespread presence of renewable energy sources, and based on the generalized usage of new applications involving power processors exploiting power electronic and the information and communications technologies (ICT).
As a particular case of the future distributed generation systems, the distributed photovoltaic (PV) power systems, should offer new advanced features that allow managing, in an intelligent way, any aspect related to the interaction with the electrical network, the efficiency in the power processing, and the exploitation of the PV resource. In this sense, this research project will aim to find new technical solutions devoted to facilitate the complete integration (and not the simple connection) of PV generators into the electrical power system with the objective of improving their reliability, security, efficiency and power quality.
The main objectives of this project can be summarized as follow:

1.    Identify scenarios and operating settings for current and future PV generation systems

2.    Develop simulation models representing characteristic scenarios and electrical networks, including the components and devices that constitute the electrical network as well as the PV generation systems to be integrated into it.

3.    Analyze advanced topologies of power processors devoted to increase the efficiency, quality and robustness of the PV generation systems

4.    Study of advanced control, monitoring and diagnosis/prognosis functionalities for intelligent PV generation systems which make possible both supporting the grid services for increasing its stability, reliability and power quality, and operating as an intentional island for warranting the supply to the loads.  

5.    Propose advanced power and control structures for the future smart PV generation systems, evaluating their performance by both simulation and experiments.


Local members

Jose Ignacio Candela

PhD. Senior Researcher. Project Responsible

Juan Ramon Hermoso

PhD. Senior Researcher. Administrative Manager.


External members

Ion Eteberria, Igor Perez de Arenaza, Luis Mir, Aitor Milo, , Amalia Lopez de Heredia



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Partnership centers

Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) - BarcelonaTech Ikerlan Technology Research Center